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0000, Bwejuu Beach

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The Palms Zanzibar From € 685 a night. Overview “The Palms” is the ultimate getaway retreat providing a stunning recluse for the discerning traveler.

The sister property to both the Breezes and Baraza, The Palms was the first truly high end property on Zanzibar and, while it has had new competition over the years ...

Facilities at The Palms include a swimming pool, evening bar, dining room, pool bar, internet and private beach front Banda. The dining room is housed in the ...

Expert beach accommodation details on The Palms in Zanzibar, Tanzania - Africa. Also, check out hotel guest reviews, price requests, itineraries for honeymooners ...

We welcome you to Zanzibar's most exclusive, private resort with just six villas in a personalized and intimate setting.... the perfect, romantic getaway. Th...

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