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LT-21104, Galvės g. 1

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Viva Trakai Resort - Restaurant

Viva Trakai Restaurant is famous for careless provincial atmosphere, excellent kitchen, and great ... sigProGalleriabb243b648a. Viva Trakai Resort. Galvės str. 1, Trakai, Lithuania. Ph.: +370-640-88885.

Viva Trakai Resort - Contacts

UAB 'Viva Trakai Resort' Galvės g. 1, Trakai, Lithuania Ph. : +370 640 88885 LT - EN - RU Ph.: +370 640 42888 LT - PL - RU Ph.: +370 528 51243.

Viva Trakai Resort - Guesthouse

Viva Trakai is a cozy guesthouse in Provence style, located in front of TrakaiCastle. ... Viva Trakai Resort. Galvės str. 1, Trakai, Lithuania. Ph.: +370-640 -88885.

Viva Trakai Resort, Trakai, Lithuania | Galves St. 1

Galves St. 1, Trakai, Lithuania Show map Phone: +37052625243 Fax: +370 5 2625 ... Viva Trakai Guesthouse fascinates by the time-marked objects and lucid  ...

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