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Val Thorens

73440, Quartier Arolles

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RÉSIDENCE DE LA REINE BLANCHE : promo -8% - à partir de 320 ...

Résidence de la Reine blanche - Val Thorens : idéalement située dans un cadre exceptionnel, à 50 m des remontées ... Val Thorens, Savoie (France).

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3 Reviews for Apartment Résidence Reine Blanche (Val Thorens Rhône - Alps France). Average score: 7.5 out of 10.

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The residence La Reine Blanche is situated at the entrance of the resort of Val Thorens, Alps, France in a quiet area in an exceptional sunny location.

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La Reine Blanche Val Thorens. Pratical informations, internet users review and pictures.

Val Thorens Apartments - Val Thorens - France - Zenith Holidays

Residence le Peclet Residence le Reine Blanche Typical 2 star studio for 2 ... The resort of Val Thorens offers a variety of self catering residences from 2 to 4 star ...

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