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Gold Coast

4217, 6 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise

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3 stars

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The Islander Resort Official Site: Enjoy a relaxing, comfortable stay at this Gold Coast hotel located just a block from the beach in Surfers Paradise.

Islander Backpackers Resort, Surfers Paradise This property has been awarded a star rating from the Australian Star Ratings Agency, Star Ratings Australia.

17th Dec 2015 most recent review of Islander Backpackers Resort in Surfers Paradise. Read reviews from 553 customers who stayed here over the last 12 ...

Search the cheapest beds available at the Islander Backpacker Resort in Surfers Paradise, Australia. Book Islander Backpacker Resort and all Surfers Paradise hostels ...

Islander Backpackers Resort Gold Coast is a centrally located hostel that offers budget-friendly accommodations for travellers exploring the vacation destinations of ...

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