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LT-92126, Kopų g. 1B - 10

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Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Irene

From Greek Ειρηνη (Eirene), derived from a word meaning "peace". This was the name of the Greek goddess who personified peace, one of the 'Ωραι (Horai).

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61 hotels ... ... 21) 3210 4669 · Home > Lithuania Hotels > Nida Hotels > spa ... 3 kambarių butas ir kotedžas. Free Wi-Fi in public ... Kotedžas-Irena. Free Wi-Fi in ...

Irene (given name) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Irene (Ειρήνη Eirene), sometimes written Irini, is derived from εἰρήνη - the Greek for "peace". Eirene was the Greek goddess of peace. Irene was also the name ...

Other known names

Kotedžaz-Irena, Kottedžas-Irena, Kotedžas-Irenna, Kotedžas-Irna, Koredžas-Irena, Kootedžas-Irena, Kotedžsa-Irena, Kotedžws-Irena, Kotedžae-Irena, Kotedžas-Idena, Kotdežas-Irena, Kotedžax-Irena, otedžas-Irena, Kotedžas-Irwna, Kotexžas-Irena, Kotedžas-Itena, Kotedžas-Irenq, Kotdžas-Irena, Koyedžas-Irena, Kotedžaa-Irena, Kotedžas-Irenz, Koteržas-Irena, Kotedžzs-Irena, Kotedžas-Irea, Kotedžas-rIena, Kotedažs-Irena, Kotedžaw-Irena, Kotsdžas-Irena, Kotedžqs-Irena, Kotedžas-Irrena, Kotwdžas-Irena, Kotedža-Irena, Kotedžaas-Irena, Kotedžas-Irean, Kotecžas-Irena, Kotedžas-Irenw, Kotddžas-Irena, Kotedžas-Ireha, Kotedžas-Ireba, Kotežas-Irena, Kltedžas-Irena, Kotedžad-Irena, Kotedžas-Ierna, Koteedžas-Irena, Kotedas-Irena, Kogedžas-Irena, Koteežas-Irena, Kotesžas-Irena, Kotedžas-rena, oKtedžas-Irena