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BB15149, Hastings Main Road, Christ Church

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Healthy Horizons Beach Apartments, Barbados

Healthy Horizons Beach Apartments is located on Barbados' South Coast, offers a warm and friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy your vacation. Situated on ...

Healthy Horizons Beach Apt#7 - Apartments for Rent in Christ ...

Located right on the boardwalk of one of Barbados' most popular and beautiful ... for a relaxing sea side break should definitely look at the Healthy Horizons.

Uniquely Barbados

Come and enjoy the sun, sea and relaxation at Healthy Horizons Beach Apartments. ... Coconut trees like this one are a common sight across Barbados. We are ...

Healthy Horizons Beach Apartments • Visit Barbados ...

Situated on the beach overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea, this complex offers eight comfortable apartments.

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