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Central America


Antigua Guatemala

1a Avenida Norte, No. 16

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Casa Antigüeña: The Pila – AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com

Feb 8, 2009 ... The pila is basically a Guatemalan home staple. Normally the pila design has a water tank in the center and two sinks, one on each side of the ...

Casa Antigüeña: The Cupola – AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com

Casa Antigüeña: The Cupola. Rudy Girón+ February 4, 2009 Casa Antigüeña ... The cupolas break the otherwise flat rooftop line of the La Antigua Guatemala.

Casa Antigüeña: The Kitchen – AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com

Jan 27, 2009 ... The kitchen area in the casa antigüeña usually has a high ceiling ... elements taken from the original house from La Antigua Guatemala.

Christian Spanish Academy | Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala

Christian Spanish Academy is a professional institution located in Antigua Guatemala, devoted to teaching Spanish as a second language. Our program is  ...

antigüeña spanish academy, antigua - our review — along dusty ...

Jun 10, 2014 ... Undertaking a Spanish school in Guatemala was a no-brainer - the country has an excellent pedagogical reputation, some of the cheapest ...

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