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LV-3401, Dzintaru iela 21

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About the Restaurant - Benjamins - Benjamiņš

These works were made in Paris by K. Brencéns, a Latvian artist who studied there. ... The grandiose brick house with its beautiful terrace and extensive garden ... gracefully adorn the arch above the entrance, one holds an attribute of flame ...


12.00 Intro lecture from Latvian scientist Jānis Liepiņš and Anete Borodušķe about their ... 11.00 Signe Pucena (SERDE) and Andrew Gryf Paterson: Artist-led fieldwork and ... 18:00 Xylem TRIO in Aizpute Culture house (KDA) ... Cultural heritage includes inherited artefacts, attributes and systems from a particular locale, ...

Apartment for sale in Riga, Rīga -

Right next to the Latvian National Museum of Art and Kronvald Park there can ... In 2008 the building was reconstructed, but the historic values and attributes ... We offer for sale a spacious and sunny 4 room apartment with a terrace in the new.

Landscape architecture and art : proceedings of ...

Ojārs Spārītis, Dr. habil. art., Professor, Art Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia .... Ķirbiţu manor house: architecture and cultural history . ... become easily overcome, formal attributes which ...... stood on a wide three-stepped terrace that was.

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