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French Polynesia


98771, BP 166

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3 stars

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La charmante pension Poerani Nui vous propose un séjour au plus près de la .... Rue de l'ecole des Freres de Ploermel - Papeete - Tahiti - French Polynesia ...

Pension Poerani Nui / MANIHI - Sites - Google

Polynésie française, archipel des Tuamotu, l'atoll de Manihi berceau de la culture de la perle de Tahiti, c'est à Manihi que la perle noire prend son origine au ...

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When tourists take a look on the map of French Polynesia they can see how many different travel ... Pension Paparara Dive and Lodge .... Pension Poerani Nui

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Pension Fare d'hotes Tehuarupe - Moorea Island - French Polynesia Hotels ..... Pension Poerani Nui is a popular choice amongst travelers in Manihi, whether ...

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Mar 17, 2015 ... ... hotel, guesthouse and holiday home sector in French Polynesia. ... PENSION TAMATUAMAI. From 10000 XPF. PENSION POERANI NUI.

Other known names

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