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LV-4618, Lubānas ezers, Gaigalavas pagasts, Rēzeknes novads

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Vacation Home Lubānas Nāriņa, Gaigalava |

1 Bedroom Vacation Home in Gaigalava, Latgale, Latvia. Instant booking with guaranteed availability for Lubānas Nāriņa on

Lubāna Municipality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lubāna Municipality (Latvian: Lubānas novads) is a municipality in Vidzeme, Latvia. The municipality was formed in 2007 by merging Indrāni parish and Lubāna ...

Lake Lubāns - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lake Lubāns is a lake in Latvia (in Latvian: Lubāns, Lubānas ezers or Lubāna ezers). It is biggest lake in Latvia. The lake lies in the centre of the Eastern Latvian ...

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