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4531, 11, King Richard I The Lionheart street

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Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments And Arbitral Awards In ...

Dec 6, 2012 ... The general practice of Cypriot Courts is that they will assist in the .... party, a certificate using the standard form in annex V to the Regulation.


execution of foreign judgment in the Republic of Cyprus, Law 121(1)/2000 .... ANNEXES I (Article 9 - judgments), II (Article 24 – court settlements) and III ( Article.

European e-Justice Portal - Going to court

Aug 29, 2014 ... Fees for legal services are set on the basis of a scale of court costs ... του 2002) ( Government Gazette of the Republic, Annex C(1) No 237 of ... Statistics on work carried out by the courts of the Republic of Cyprus can be found ...

Notes 3 - The Legal 500

The relevant Cypriot Court is the “Επαρχιακό Δικαστήριο” (District Court) or in the ... and shall also produce the Certificate using the standard form in Annex V to ...


15 This Law may be cited as the Republic of Cyprus Citizenship Law, 5mm fit];. I96 . 2. ... Annex D '_' means the Annex D to the Treaty of Establishment;. " foreign ..... on any such Committee any powers, rights or privileges of any court, and.

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