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French Polynesia


98775, Avatoru Rangiroa

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Pension Rangiroa Plage Rangiroa, French Polynesia:

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Rangiroa hotels and hostels - Lonely Planet

12 checked and verified B&Bs, hostels and hotels in Rangiroa. ... beach area and a restaurant, Pension Rangiroa Plage is located in Avatoru Village. ... The setting of this very French interpretation of the Polynesian pension, in full view of the ...

Pension House and Hotel – French Polynesia

Pension au meilleur prix sur Rangiroa, Video Rating: 5 / 5 La pension Rangiroa Plage anciennenement apelé la Pension Rangiroa Lodge, a subi une ...

Rangiroa plage - Pension de famille Rangiroa Plage

Détendez-vous à l'ombre des cocotiers sur une magnifique plage de sable blanc avant de ... minutes de l'aéroport, la Pension "Rangiroa Plage" vous accueille chaleureusement pour vos ... Le Tahiti Traveler - Guide touristique de Polynésie  ...

Hotel Map in French Polynesia

When tourists take a look on the map of French Polynesia they can see how many different travel ... Bora Bora Island (17) .... Pension Rangiroa Plage Avatoru  ...

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