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Russian Federation


152611, Ulyanovo Village

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hunter–herder continuum in anabarski district, nw ...

The Republic of Sakha is the biggest territorial unit in the Russian Federation ... villages: the district centre Saaskylaakh, Uurung Khaia, my fieldsite for eight.

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census of 2010 recorded 7885 Dolgans living in the Russian Federation. History ..... The fish is used for food by both reindeer herders and village residents.

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Fishermen, Hunters and Herders of Kamchatka and North-East Russia .... According to the data from the Russian Federation Population Census of 2010 ..... Most of the Itelmens live in the villages of the Tigil District of the Koryak Okrug: Kovran ...

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It is one of 83 regions which make up the Russian Federation, and is .... visit the small village of Vankarem it is a typical Marine Hunters village of which there are  ...

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Oct 22, 2015 ... 4Razvitiye Center, Kamchatka Russian Federation. 5Alaska Native Science Commission. 6Traditional Village of Togiak, Alaska ... sive and focused on surveying experienced hunters and fishermen and knowledgeable elders.

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